Paros, due to its geographic location and cultural heritage is a haven for all kinds of mental and physical activities.

Hikers and bikers of all levels will love trails and rides of diverse scenery all around the island. Water sports lovers will have the chance to surf or kite in world renowned beaches or discover the Parian deep. Even horseback riding is available mostly on the island's west coast from professionally organized stables.

If you are a culture enthusiast, a wide selection of museums, with ancient or contemporary exhibits, art galleries, live concerts, photo festivals or even theatre will "puzzle" your mind on what to choose from.

One thing that nobody should miss is the local "Panigiri" (Fair). Almost in every village there are fairs happening throughout summer, most of the times as a celebration to a local Saint. It is an excellent chance to experience the Cycladic life and eat, drink, dance and mingle in a festive mood with the local people.

If you prefer it calm & easy, all you have to do is stroll on a byzantine trail while if you appreciate memorable spectacles and action above and below the Aegean waters the Marble Island will never fail you.

Our concierge at Parian Lithos Residence will be there to suggest or guide you to any activity you may choose to experience.

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