Naoussa is settled at the sea shore of Paros' North Bay.

Naoussa is a traditional fishing village with the largest fishing boat fleet in Cyclades nesting at its harbour and all kinds of yachts and speed boats at its marina.

Right at the harbour there is also "Kasteli" a small Venetian castle of which a big part is saved intact until today.

The harbor area is pulsing with life all day long, from the taverns, restaurants, coffee shops and bars located in that area, offering enjoyment until the early morning hours. Moving from the harbor towards the inner village, you will find a beautiful square with tall eucalyptuses, a market with anything you may wish and even playground for the very young ones.

A small river is crossing the village and you can watch it pouring in to the sea, from the stone built bridge by the marina.

Naoussa is literally surrounded by beautiful beaches for all tastes, namely "Piperaki" (right front of Parian Lithos Residence), "Piperi", the breathtaking "Kolibithres", "Monastiri", "Santa Maria" and "Laggeri".

A must visit when in Naoussa is the Environmental - Cultural Park located at the north west of the Bay, where there is organized a yearly festival lasting from June to October with multi themed happenings like concerts or theatre along with other environmental or athletic activities.

Naoussa is an ideal destination to experience the Cycladic life at its best and create life lasting memories with friends or family.


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