Paros Island

Paros is one of the Cycladic gems of the Aegean Sea. All of us at "Parian Lithos Residence" in Naoussa will be there for you to suggest and guide you around Paros' beauties in order to make the very best of your time on the island.

With an amazing history starting 4.000 years B.C. it is a beloved destination not only by the Greek people but from people all around the world as well.

Emerald beaches, bathed in the eternal Greek light, warm hearted people, delicious gastronomy and breath taking natural beauty and diversion, will keep the "Marble Island" in your heart forever. Parikia, the capital of Paros, built on the ancient city, will welcome you with its beauty and cultural sightseeing but with its vivid and modern aspects as well.

With easy access either by car, boats or public transport to all parts of the island you will find a plethora of places to visit and activities for your body and soul.

Selecting Paros to spend your vacation is guaranteed that will offer you a wonderful time with your loved ones and will fill you up with energy until... you come back!

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