Gastronomy in Naoussa and the whole island of Paros of course, is the outcome of impeccable and unique products of the island and a lifetime of Cycladic tradition.

Freshly caught fish, mollusks and shellfish, is a must of island life and in Paros you will experience it in a variety of local dishes. "Guna" the sun dried and then grilled mackerel is a trademark dish of Paros, accompanied by the usual suspect "Suma".

"Suma" is the local version of the eight centuries old technique of producing an alcoholic beverage from distilling grape leftovers from the summer harvest. In Paros, some more ingredients are added like wine, a fig, a pepper and the Total of all creates "Suma", also the slang Greek word for "Total".

That's just the beginning of your palate's journey. Locally grown vegetables and wild greens as salads or combined with some cheese chosen from five different locally produced varieties, are giving a fine meaning to "a light summer meal".

Among the most famous Parian dishes to enjoy are the "Kakavia" fish soup, tomato balls, stuffed calamari, "Salaturi", a salad with skate and stuffed zucchini flowers, only to name a few.

Parian wine will be your loyal escort, with its vineyards' roots back in the ancient years, nowadays world renowned and award winning. "Monemvasia" is a protected designation of origin wine of Paros, surely a taste you should take back with you.

Either by the water or in one of the whitewashed backstreets of Naoussa or Parikia as scenery, great dining experiences are awaiting for you.

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