Welcome to Parian LIthos Residence!

A holiday is a journey of miracles and gifts that fill our hearts with joyful songs, cheerfulness and laughter.
A time of the year when dreams come true. Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And memories are forever.
Imagine opening your window to watch the Greek sun chasing the wind and playing games over the deep blue of Aegean Sea.
Now add Greek hospitality and warm smiles and this is a dream we would like you to live every day in Parian Lithos Residence.

The name is a tribute to one of Parian's best product, the famous Parian marble.

With the vision to become a small hotel which will be an ambassador of Greek Hospitality and Parian light, Parian Lithos Residence has 16 Rooms in total.

A small stylish Cycladic hotel, with comfortable Sea View rooms, and Standard Suites in Naoussa Paros.
It is conveniently located by the road, at the entrance of Naoussa, leading southwest to Parikia the capital of Paros or north east to Naoussa, the vibrant seaside town you will love to be for an ideal Cycladic summer.

Welcome to Parian Lithos Residence !


Emerald beaches, warm hearted people, delicious gastronomy and breath taking natural beauty and diversion, will keep the "Marble Island" in your heart forever.

Welcome to the
Marble Island
Naoussa Paros Greece