Butterfly Valley (Tiger Moth Valley)

Eighteen kilometers south west of Naoussa lay the famous Butterfly Valley of Paros or Tiger Moth Valley for the connoisseurs.

A sensational biotope formed due to a spring, covered with a variety of trees cypress, carobs, planes, oleanders and some kinds of fruit trees, create the ideal environment for the Tiger moth.

Tiger moth is brown and yellow with a bit of black and white and orange red wings. The valley is where they arrive to in June and then "disappear" from in August. That's only because they go away to "secretly" mate and then lay eggs in more bushy areas.

The eggs hatch in October and will not become butterflies until May when they start their trip back to the valley, where they will stand still on the trees waiting for the new mating season.

Notice: When you visit the Butterfly Valley, please try to be as quiet as possible, as the tiger moths panic and fly around, wasting valuable energy for their mating trip in August.

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