Venetian Castle in Parikia

The Venetian Castle in Parikia is truly a spectacular site to visit. The guest will be amazed when realized that it was built from the marble architectural parts of the ancient acropolis of Paros and other ancient temples of worship.

Not only these parts are embedded on the castle itself but also on 4 little chapels that are attached to it.

Within Parikia and around the castle, small houses and backstreets are preserved, remains of the medieval settlement that was developed.

When you arrive at the top of the castle and among the ancient ruins you will have a spectacular view of the open sea.

It was built back in 1260 when the island was part of Naxos' Duchy and only the south and east part of it still stands, as the north and west part were sunken, probably during a landslide back in 1770.

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